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Pigeon roosting is both a bird pest problem and a hygiene risk that we resolve quickly. With a wide range of pigeon proofing tools such as heavy duty bird netting, gels and sprung wire, we can rid your of pigeons for good at reasonable cost and install long-term solutions to prevent pigeons returning. Pigeon proofing involves installing bird deterrents and barriers to prevent them roosting which typically is on windows and roofs.

Our bird pest experts in London are familiar with pest control for both domestic and commercial customers and we are happy to quote for your pigeon control problems.

London Pigeon Proofing removes all types of feral pigeon problems quickly and cleanly so call us now on on holiday or on holiday ! We operate standard pest control measures and practices so that you can be sure of our work quality.

pigeon pest control London

a real pigeon pest..

We manage all bird problems.

We have clear prices.

We act safely and honestly.

Expert bird pest control technicians.

Domestic and Commercial customers.

All of our bird control measures are made to measure as no two pigeon problems are the same and getting rid of birds may require roof access and use of a range of prevention measures.

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Bird Problems

We have a full range of feral pigeon deterrents..

  • Weldmesh
  • Bird Netting
  • Anti pigeon spikes
  • Sprung Birdwire
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